TotilPay FAQs


Current Mobile Market+ Users

Is there a new app? Or should I just update my existing Mobile Market+ app?

The TotilPay app is an enhancement to the Mobile Market+ app. So, if you are a Mobile Market+ user, upgrade your existing app by downloading the TotilPay Go app by visiting the Apple App Store, or if you are an Android User you can visit the Google Play Store.

How does switching over to TotilPay impact my current Mobile Market+ account? What action do I need to take?

When you download TotilPay Register or TotilPay Go, simply sign-in to your web portal account using the username and password associated with your account. Click on Select Devices and select the device you want to upgrade to TotilPay Register or TotilPay Go. Change the device status to Upgrade and select Disable. Click Replace to generate a new activation code that you will utilize to activate the TotilPay app.

Do I need to update to TotilPay even if I am not interested in the Square integration?

Yes! Update to our new TotilPay apps to benefit from improvements in app performance and user experience.

I downloaded the TotilPay app but it is not working. What can I do?

Please make sure that you upgraded your device status on the web portal. You may also contact our support center and our team will help you get the app up and running in no time.

POS System and Equipment

Are you a POS selling hardware? Or are you a processing company?

TotilPay is a processing company that allows customers to pick their hardware from any manufacturer they choose.

What is TotilPay?

TotilPay is a compliant, point-of-sale (POS) software program that accepts all payment types, including SNAP and WIC, on the same device. It automatically matches EBT-eligible items, ensuring compliant, accurate transactions. TotilPay allows merchants and mobile vendors to quickly and efficiently process government benefit payments as easily as other tender types without the need for multiple point-of-sale (POS) terminals.

Is TotilPay a stand-beside solution?

Yes. TotilPay is the only stand-beside solution built especially for EBT. Merchants can add it to any existing system and accept EBT at the lowest monthly price with no hidden fees, long-term contracts or expensive hardware requirements. We also offer an integrated solution called TotilPay Register that replaces every reader on your countertop with one, simple and affordable integrated system.

What is the difference between TotilPay Go and TotilPay Register?

TotilPay Register is our full cash register system, designed for convenience stores, bodegas and grocery stores users, which replaces every legacy terminal on the counter with one, affordable system. TotilPay Go is the POS application used by retailers who just need a simple intuitive app to accept payments on the go. Merchants like farmers markets, route vendors, and other mobile vendors who want to leverage a smart phone or tablet to, which offers businesses on the go with a reliable way to accept EBT and all payment types.

Can I use any of my existing hardware?

Yes! We give you the freedom to use TotilPay with whatever hardware that works for you.

On what devices is TotilPay available?

TotilPay is available on Apple iOS and Android mobile devices. 

Does TotilPay keep up with changing regulatory requirements (such as the transition to eWIC)?

TotilPay is approved for use by the USDA, FNS and EBT card processors. In late 2019, NDG was certified by FIS and CDP to process payments from the new California WIC card, ensuring that merchants in California who wish to remain authorized WIC vendors maintain the ability to accept the WIC card at point of sale. We regularly offer app updates to continuously accommodate ongoing changes in state and federal EBT requirements to ensure compliant, accurate transactions by merchants. We are also certified in Wisconsin and all online eWIC states. 

What sets TotilPay apart from the other POS EBT solutions?

  • The only all-in-one EBT acceptance solution that accepts all payment types.
  • The most flexible and affordable solution.
  • Available as a stand-alone and integrated solution.
  • Rids merchants and mobile vendors of check-out inefficiency, multiple POS systems, difficult recordkeeping, and unnecessary costs.
  • Accommodates ongoing changes in state and federal EBT requirements to ensure compliant, accurate transactions.
  • Provides access to an EBT gateway for switching of SNAP and eWIC transactions.

Pricing and Fees

Does TotilPay charge per transaction?

No, TotilPay does not charge any fees on SNAP and/or eWIC transactions. Credit card transaction fees depend on your processor.

How much does TotilPay cost and are there any fees?

TotilPay is the most affordable solution available. Our pricing is flexible and affordable with no hidden fees. We offer a very cost-effective price for our month-to-month software subscription, with no requirements for a long-term contract, no early termination fees, no transaction fees, no set up fees and no ACH fees. All subscribers need to do is choose the hardware that meets their needs.  We also have a cost-saving, annual subscription option for long-term users.

Which processors currently work with TotilPay?

Novo Dia Group works with Square and Worldpay to provide credit card processing for TotilPay customers. We also offer a EBT-only solution that is connected directly to the FIS EBT gateway for merchants that do not need credit card processing.

Square Integration

What does the integration with Square mean and how does it benefit me?

TotilPay now offers integration with Square sellers to give EBT-authorized merchants the option to leverage their existing Square merchant account and card reader to seamlessly accept credit as well as debit, SNAP, WIC and loyalty cards. Merchants already using Mobile Market+ to accept SNAP and WIC can update to the new TotilPay app, set up a new Square account or use their existing one to process credit cards. That way, you can use one app to connect Square and TotilPay and access the additional services that Square offers to improve cost, efficiency and customer experience.

What is the process for TotilPay or Square users to take advantage of the Square-TotilPay integration?

Getting started with TotilPay Go and Square is easily accomplished in four simple steps.

  1. Updating your Mobile Market+ app to TotilPay
  2. Connecting to Square by signing up for a new Square account.
  3. Ordering your Square hardware.
  4. Syncing TotilPay with your Square account and reader.

For new TotilPay customers, get in touch with our team to help assist you.

What are the benefits of offering EBT?

Over 45 million low-income Americans receive and use monthly benefits on things like foods, beverages, and other groceries, spending about $70 billion annually. The ability to accept EBT card payments can make or break a business of any size, but it can have an especially powerful impact on smaller merchants and farmers markets. Broadening a business’ customer base means greater profits. It’s also a way to support the greater community and enable all people to purchase fresh, nutritious food items in a convenient way.

Using electronic benefit transfer (EBT), or government benefit cards, to purchase EBT-eligible items may appear to be a simple exchange, but it relies on complex government contracting requirements and matching EBT-eligible items at checkout. While most national retail chains integrate EBT payments into their POS systems, smaller grocers, convenience stores and farmers’ markets have had to resort to a disparate array of complex and expensive solutions. 

How do I become an EBT-authorized merchant?

For more information about eligibility and applying for a permit, click here.

Rebranding Mobile Market+

Why did you rebrand Mobile Market+ to TotilPay?

With the investment from Square in early 2019, we began adding new features to our solution to deliver more merchant and cardholder-friendly features, including:

  • Becoming an EBT third-party processor for SNAP and WIC transactions to increase merchants’ flexibility and reduce their costs.
  • Getting certified to process the new electronic WIC card in California, which allows all California WIC vendors to maintain their status as WIC-authorized vendors.
  • Integrating with Square, giving merchants using TotilPay more ways to accept EBT and credit cards and to benefit from all the services Square offers.

As an existing Mobile Market+ user, what changed for me with the TotilPay rebrand?

Apart from the new branding and the upgraded mobile apps, which now offer the opportunity to link to Square, nothing has changed in the product offering.

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