TotilPay Go

Grow your business, and your customers, by accepting all payment types, wherever you set up shop.

TotilPay GoTM. The simplest, most affordable way to accept EBT payments for mobile businesses.

TotilPay Go gives you the most flexibility by accepting all payment types, including SNAP and WIC, on one device. The fully mobile, feature-rich and affordable POS system sits in the palm of your hand. And you can count on access to secure payment gateways while eliminating manual processes that are hard to track.

Accept all types of payment, wherever your business takes you, with minimal hardware.






totilpay go with receipt printer

TotilPay Go is the perfect POS for all kinds of mobile vendors.

TotilPay Go Features

TotilPay Go

Simplify reporting.

Track every dollar and save time by eliminating manual entries that are hard to track and easy to miss. View transactions, spot irregularities and simplify recordkeeping.

Enjoy intuitive features that simplify transactions.

Get all the features and benefits of a smart POS system while accepting EBT payments. Email, text or print cardholders’ receipts and enable audit/fraud tracking.

Benefit from association tracking.

Track items to each individual farmer to give the state the flexibility of using one device that records info from multiple farmers.

The most feature-rich POS software for one low monthly price.

Additional Features

Fully functional training mode


Available on Apple iOS and Android devices

Online portal for device management, transaction history, and real-time reporting

End-to-end encryption ensuring all data is secure at all times

Are you ready to accept SNAP and WIC via the simplest POS system that grows your customer base and your business?

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