TotilPay Register

The only all-in-one POS system that brings in more customers and gets them out the door faster!

TotilPay RegisterTM. The only user-friendly and feature-rich POS system that accepts all payment types, including EBT.

TotilPay Register replaces every legacy terminal on your counter with one, affordable point-of-sale (POS) system that accepts all payment types, including SNAP and WIC. It automates recordkeeping and eliminates manual processes that are hard to track. Our intuitive software works in your existing tablet, without the need for additional equipment. TotilPay Register is the easiest and most affordable way to accept all payment types on one POS.

Accept all types of payment with no hardware add-ons.







TotilPay Register is the perfect POS for grocery store, convenience store, and bodega merchants.

TotilPay Register Features

Enjoy intuitive features that simplify transactions.

Get all the features and benefits of a smart POS system while accepting EBT payments. Email, text or print cardholders’ receipts and enable audit/fraud tracking.

Save costs on hardware and software.

Replace every terminal on your counter with one affordable, multi-tender POS system and avoid excessive fees.

Speed up checkout. Make customers happy!

Process more transactions per hour with a faster, more efficient checkout for EBT payments. A fast-moving line means more sales and customer retention.

Simplify product management and recordkeeping.

Eliminate manual entries that are hard to track and easy to miss. Upload products and images directly through the mobile app to easily identify SNAP/WIC eligible products.

Flexible pricing options to fit your budget.

We can help you choose the solution that fits your needs and your budget.

The most feature-rich POS software for one low monthly price.

Additional Features

Products can be added directly through the mobile app with image support

Categorization of products

Real-time product updates

Identify products as being SNAP or WIC eligible

Apply product discounts quickly

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