TotilPay + Square

A new way to accept credit cards alongside EBT

TotilPay offers integration with Square sellers to give EBT-authorized merchants the option to leverage their existing Square merchant account and card reader to seamlessly accept credit as well as debit, SNAP, WIC and loyalty cards. Merchants already using Mobile Market+ Select to accept SNAP and WIC can update to the new TotilPay Go app, set up a new Square account or use their existing one to process credit cards and benefit from many of the additional services that Square offers.


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One app, multiple benefits

Use one app to connect Square and TotilPay and access more features and flexibility that improve cost, efficiency and customer experience.


Accept all types of payment with no hardware add-ons.

Square and TotilPay integrate seamlessly to accept SNAP, WIC, credit, debit and loyalty cards. Get your Square merchant account and card reader, download the TotilPay app, and select Square as your payment processor at sign-up. 

Transparent pricing, fast deposits and more!

Enjoy next-day settlement, affordable and transparent rates and fees, chargeback protection and many other benefits.

Get started with TotilPay Go + Square in four easy steps!

If you are an existing Mobile Market + Select customer, get started with TotilPay Go and Square in four easy steps!

  1.  Update your Mobile Market+ app to TotilPay Go. For iOs, please download it here. Android will be available soon.
  2.  Connect to Square by signing up for a new Square account.
  3. Order your Square hardware.
  4. Sync TotilPay with your Square account and reader. Click here for a step-by-step guide.

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