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Cards International Shares NDG Executive’s Forecast about Payments in 2020

Note to readers: Mobile Market+ was rebranded to TotilPay in February 2020. 

A leading resource for all things cards and payments, Cards International (powered by Verdict media), recently got insights from our founder and president Josh Wiles about the biggest trends in payments in 2020. Josh noted that electronic grocery payments will accelerate among low-income Americans in the year 2020. That will be a result of two main developments, according to Josh:

  • Small grocers who did not have access to integrated government benefit POS systems—unlike most national retail chains—can now upgrade from legacy POS terminals to intuitive, user-friendly and cost-effective mobile alternatives. This ensures simpler and faster checkout when accepting SNAP and WIC—along with cash, credit, and debit—on one system.
  • The recent cooperative agreement between the USDA’s Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) and the National Association of Farmers Market Nutrition Programs (NAFMNP) will provide markets who accept SNAP with access to Mobile Market+, today known as TotilPay—a smart and secure mobile transaction processing application that accepts EBT and all other forms of payment.

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