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TotilPay merchants can participate in the OTC network

TotilPay InComm OTC Integration

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About the OTC Network

The new OTC Network Healthy Foods Card allows health plan members to use benefit dollars to purchase eligible food products such as fruits, vegetables, eggs, milk, and more.

The Healthy Foods card solution – powered by the OTC network – allows TotilPay merchants to accept pre-loaded health plan cards for healthy food and produce purchases.

Earn extra money on products you’re already selling:

  • The average OTC Network cardholder transaction amount is $50 per visit.

Florida OTC Network Programs

  • 25,000 members
  • Annual Benefit Amount: $14M

Health Plan Partners Include:

  • Aetna Coventry Medicare
  • Anthem
  • Bright Health
  • Florida Health Care Plans
  • Humana
  • Solis Health Plans
  • WellCare


Are there additional fees or costs associated with accepting this payment?

There is no cost to add  OTC Healthy card as a tender type to your TotilPay merchant profile.  However, approved transactions will incur a 2.5% fee that is deducted from your settlement.

How do I enable my account to accept the OTC Healthy  card?

For current TotilPay subscribers you just need to complete the merchant processing agreement addendum by clicking here or go to  (

What states are available and participating?

Currently, New York and Florida OTC network programs are participating.

How will my merchant account get paid for these transactions?

You will be paid via ACH deposit to your existing merchant account you have established with TotilPay.

TotilPay with OTC transaction type