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NDG Completes eWIC Certification through Custom Data Processing (CDP)

Note to readers: Mobile Market+ was rebranded as TotilPay on February 4, 2020. 

NDG Completes eWIC certification through Custom Data Processing (CDP), adds eWIC support for WorldPay merchants using MM+ Select™ and MM+ Register™ products

Novo Dia Group, Inc. (NDG), a leader in developing mobile payment solutions, is pleased to announce that it has received eWIC certification by Custom Data Processing (CDP) of their Mobile Market+ Select and Mobile Market+ Register products. By completing this certification WorldPay merchants using MM+ Select and MM+ Register products will be able to add eWIC to their supported tender types

Mobile Market+ Select and Mobile Market+ Register are now fully capable of providing merchants with a single POS system to process all payment tenders that includes eWIC, SNAP, Credit, and Loyalty. Before implementing eWIC existing merchants were either unable to accept those transactions or required a second “EBT Only” terminal. The Mobile Market+ line of products are the only smart device app solution that can process SNAP, eWIC and Credit across all states with the same device.

Mobile Market+ Select (MM+ Select) is a full featured mPOS designed for merchants who want all the benefits of today’s smart device solutions, but also need the ability to accept EBT both SNAP and eWIC. More information can be seen on here.

Mobile Market+ Register (MM+ Register) is a tablet based fully integrated cash register system (CRS). It was designed for merchants who need item level sales, inventory management, multi tender support, as well as EBT support. All in one app. More information can be found here.