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Simplifying Payments for Grocery Delivery and Curbside Pickups

To learn more about the TotilPay POS system and its ability to help grocery providers serve customers by supporting payments at curbside pickups or deliveries, click here to access a TotilPay webinar reply. 


As state and local authorities across the nation urge social distancing and issue stay-at-home orders in an effort to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, grocery delivery and curbside pickup have become key services for consumers. According to the Adobe Digital Economy Index by Adobe Analytics, grocery orders placed online for store pickup by consumers during the period of February 24 to March 21 jumped by 62% over the same period last year.

Large grocery chains have been actively building on their robust pickup and delivery service over the past few weeks, but if you are a small, independent merchant, the surging demand for this new sales process may have caught you off guard. While you will probably need to work around your logistical capacity for pickup and delivery services, a versatile POS system is one less thing to worry about—even if you are an EBT-eligible vendor.


Supporting all payments during the “new normal” and beyond

TotilPay supports payments wherever your adapted sales process takes you—be it curbside pickup, home delivery or in-store pickup. It accepts all payments types with minimal hardware. All you need is a phone or tablet to download the TotilPay POS app, a card reader and a receipt printer and you are ready to accept all card payments, including credit, debit, and loyalty cards as well as SNAP and WIC. TotilPay works on a smart phone or tablet over WiFi or cellular connection, making card-present transactions simple for curbside pickup or delivery.


Making curbside pickup available to the pandemic’s most vulnerable

The coronavirus relief package passed by Congress to help low-income Americans provides $15 billion in additional SNAP funding and $500 million under the WIC program. While restrictions by the federal government for online grocery shopping by SNAP and WIC recipients have not been lifted, making curbside pickup and/or home delivery with card-present transactions available can be more helpful for recipients than ever before. With TotilPay, you can continue to serve this community by accepting SNAP and WIC payments, alongside credit, debit and loyalty cards.

Also, through TotilPay’s integration with Square, EBT-authorized Square merchants can leverage their existing Square card reader and merchant account to seamlessly accept credit cards and use TotilPay to accept SNAP and WIC. Merchants already using TotilPay to accept SNAP and WIC can set up a new Square account or use their existing one to process credit cards and benefit from many of the additional services that Square offers. Click here for more info.


In these unprecedented times when we are all finding ways to make life better beyond the hardships that the virus will cause, expanding your adapted grocery sales process to include curbside pickups and home deliveries to everyone, including EBT-recipients, is one way that this can happen. We are here to help. Contact us today to get started.