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Webinar: How TotilPay POS supports curbside pickup and delivery

Learn how the TotilPay POS system helps grocery providers serve customers by supporting payments at curbside pickups or deliveries, anytime!

TotilPay supports payments wherever your sales take you—be it curbside pickup, home delivery or in-store pickup. TotilPay accepts all payments types with minimal hardware.

All you need is a phone or tablet to download the TotilPay POS app, a card reader and a receipt printer and you are ready to accept all card payments, including credit, debit, and loyalty cards as well as SNAP and WIC. TotilPay works on a smart phone or tablet over WiFi or cellular connection, making card-present transactions simple for curbside pickup or delivery. 

Learn more about the TotilPay POS system and its ability to support payments at curbside or home deliveries by watching this TotilPay webinar reply.