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Rebranding to TotilPay: Q&A with NDG Founder and President


Mobile Market+, NDG’s flagship point-of-sale (POS) solution, rebranded to TotilPay in early 2020. NDG Founder and President Josh Wiles discusses the solution’s new brand identity and the reasons behind the change.


Why did you decide that this is the right time to rebrand?

For a little over a decade, we were head down focused on building our EBT payment solution. The investment from Square in early 2019 allowed us to achieve our next evolution and we began adding new features to our solution as we continue to fine-tune our offering.

In the third quarter of 2019, NDG became an EBT third-party processor for SNAP and WIC transactions, increasing merchants’ flexibility through our user-friendly POS solution. Shortly after that, Mobile Market+ (MM+), today known as TotilPay, was approved to process the new electronic WIC card in California, which allows all California WIC vendors to maintain their status as WIC-authorized vendors. Today, we announced our integration with Square, giving merchants who use TotilPay more ways to accept credit alongside EBT, while taking advantage of all the services Square offers.

With all these developments, it seemed like a good time to reflect our growth through a fresh brand identity.


How did you decide on “TotilPay”?

As we began taking our EBT acceptance solution to new heights by including a wider choice of processors and an integration partner, we decided to build a brand that better represents our POS system and where it’s headed. In the process of defining what our solution offers and how we help our businesses grow, we sought a name that better communicates just how comprehensive our all-in-one EBT acceptance solution is, given that it is the only POS system that accepts credit, debit, SNAP, eWIC and loyalty cards seamlessly. So, we came up with a blend of words that drives home the solution’s unique capability—handling merchants’ total payment needs at the till, i.e. checkout, by accepting all forms of payment, including EBT, of course.

To make a distinction between our suite of product that we built with businesses’ different needs in mind, we chose “TotilPay Register” our cash register system designed for convenience stores, bodegas and grocery stores users to highlight the solution’s ability to replace every legacy terminal on the counter with one, affordable system. “TotilPay Go” seemed fitting for our POS application used by retailers who just need a simple intuitive app to accept payments on the go.  Merchants like farmers markets, route vendors, and other mobile vendors who want to leverage a smartphone or tablet too, which offers businesses on the go with a reliable way to accept EBT and all payment types.


What changed other than the name?

Over the past year, our NDG team has continued to grow as we expanded our product development department, built a direct sales force and outsourced our marketing and public relations services. The new brand identity marks our ongoing commitment to continue to grow the team and enhance our product offering.

Our business transformation is reflected in the TotilPay logo: the emblem, typeface and color scheme are representative of TotilPay’s simple, comprehensive and tech-forward solution. We also changed our website to reflect our new branding and to simplify navigation for visitors.


How is the new website different from the old one?

The updated site includes changes to navigation, with dropdown menus for both mobile and desktop versions. The new site gives us a bigger, better platform to showcase our TotilPay products. Our goal is to provide a user-friendly browsing experience that makes it much simpler for mobile and store-based merchants to determine which TotilPay solution best fits their business needs. We’ve also improved the structure of our content, so you’ll get more from a quick read. There’s a whole host of smaller but impactful changes including new images and an improved News and Updates section where visitors can share news and company updates by category.


We already began rolling out the new identity across our products and online presence and will continue to do so over the coming few months. We’re happy that our new brand better reflects what our solution stands for and we are excited for what the future holds for TotilPay.