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How Valuable is Your Counter Space?

The value of your checkout counter space should not be underestimated. Here are some ways to maximize sales at the POS while improving the customer experience.

The checkout counter is a sacred space. Not only does it represent your business’ ability to compel people to make a purchase, but it also presents an added opportunity to increase ticket size. Alternatively, not having optimized counter space represents lost opportunities—and lost sales.

We look at how the final interactions with customers—and how the surrounding counter space—can contribute to (or detract from) sales and customer loyalty. At the end of the day, this counter space is more than just real estate; it signifies new opportunities to engage with, sell to, and delight customers—and boost the bottom line.

Opportunity #1: Impulse Purchases

The checkout counter has several purposes. First and foremost, it is where your point-of-sale (POS) lives. This is a critical component as the POS you choose can significantly impact the checkout process, especially for small, non-traditional retailers who need to maximize sales with limited space.

A clunky legacy POS can not only hinder the checkout process but take up valuable real estate that is better used to encourage impulse purchases. For merchants that accept WIC, SNAP, and other EBT payments, this is a critical consideration. Some merchants opt to leverage two separate POS systems to manage traditional payment methods and EBT payments, which can overcrowd a counter.

Consider how much you may be able to increase ticket size by streamlining your POS setup and optimizing checkout counter space. At the point of checkout, you already have a commitment from the customer. Why not place merchandise that may result in an impulse buy front-and-center?

Opportunity #2: Anticipate Basic Needs and Provide for Them

One way to execute on opportunity #1 is to anticipate your customers’ needs and provide for them at the checkout counter. Use your transaction history to see which smaller items are popular purchases and find a way to highlight those items at the checkout counter.

Merchants that accept EBT payments should consider a mix of eligible and non-eligible items to accommodate all customers. Not only can this maximize ticket size, but it displays a commitment to serving all types of customers.

Another often overlooked element is the line space leading up to the checkout counter. Retailers should design both the line space and the checkout counter in a way that keeps customers engaged and provides access to essentials that they may have missed while shopping. Focus on low priced, relevant items that customers can browse if they have to wait in line, compelling a useful add-on to each customer’s existing purchase.

Opportunity #3: Empower Employees to Maximize Checkout Sales

Employees can be a great way to maximize sales. Human interaction is an important element of a great checkout experience. Employees stationed at the checkout counter should be equipped with conversation-starters that can prompt additional sales. A simple “Were you able to find everything you were looking for?” can go a long way.

As we mentioned earlier, having a streamlined POS can have a big influence on how seamless the checkout experience is for customers and employees alike. It is much harder for your employees to strike up meaningful conversation with customers if they are busy juggling multiple POS systems or even using one very confusing system.

Employ a POS that simplifies checkout for everyone. This means a fast, easy checkout for customers and a simplified way for employees to scan items and accept payment.

Opportunity #4: Drive Customer Loyalty

There are plenty of ways to secure customer loyalty but be sure not to overlook the obvious ones. Customers value time and convenience, and you should too. When customers have to jump through several hoops to purchase items or when a complicated checkout process wastes time, they are less likely to return.

Instead, focus on ways to make your customers’ lives easier. Some easy ways to do this include:

  • Letting the customer choose their form of receipt (print, email, text)
  • Simplifying checkout for those paying with an EBT card by using one POS system that can complete transactions for both eligible and non-eligible items
  • Mobilizing your workforce with a mobile POS system that enables employees to check out customers anywhere

On the surface, these may seem like very small things, but these interactions have a long-lasting impact and encourage repeat customers.

TotilPay Helps Merchants Reclaim Valuable Counter Space

TotilPay, formerly known as Mobile Market+, is an easy and secure way to process all forms pf payment including SNAP, WIC, credit, debit and loyalty cards. This EBT-enabled POS system simplifies checkout for employees and customers alike by enabling transaction processing on smartphones and tablets.

For independent retailers looking to streamline the checkout process and reclaim counter space, this POS solution is all-in-one and easy-to-use. Checkout can happen through one single device that has the ability to print, email or text cardholder receipts. Customers can get through checkout faster, strengthening the customer experience.

TotilPay has a sleek setup that facilitates new opportunities for retailers to increase sales at the POS. Whether you’re looking for a more intuitive POS system, a way to accept EBT payments, or to reclaim some of your valuable counter space, we can help. Contact us today.