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InComm Healthcare partners with Novo Dia Group; Healthy Foods Benefits Cards to be Accepted at 1,500 Farmers Markets Nationwide

TotilPay Go™ app expands farmers markets’ business growth opportunities by facilitating acceptance of health plan benefits cards

ATLANTA – December 1, 2020: InComm Payments, a leading global payments technology company, today announced it has partnered with Novo Dia Group to enable InComm Healthcare’s healthy foods benefit cards to be accepted at 1,500 farmers markets across the U.S.

Healthy Foods card acceptance

The Healthy Foods Incentive Program allows health plans to develop targeted programs that incentivize members to purchase nutritional foods. Through the program, health plans provide members with restricted-spend cards loaded with incentive dollars that can only be used to purchase eligible healthy food items.

TotilPay streamlines and simplifies point-of-sale solutions, ensuring compliant, accurate transactions by automatically matching program-eligible items with the best payment method – all on one device. This technology allows merchants and mobile vendors, such as farmers markets, to grow their business by accepting more payment options at the point of sale. Transactions are completed through the TotilPay Go app, which will allow users to spend their healthy foods program funds alongside other payment methods at their local farmers markets.

“With the healthy foods benefit card’s integration at farmers markets, we’re giving health plan members a great option to eat and stay healthy, while also supporting local farmers and businesses,” said Brian Parlotto, Executive Vice President of InComm Payments. “Health plans will also benefit through increased engagement and by ensuring their members have access to a broader selection of nutritious food.”

“We are very excited to partner with InComm Payments. By integrating with their Healthy Foods Incentive Platform, we continue to create new opportunities for our TotilPay merchants to maximize sales of healthy locally grown fruits and vegetables, “said Josh Wiles President of Novo Dia Group, Inc. “Our goal with the TotilPay platform is to provide our users a flexible, feature rich, and affordable point of sale solution. We feel that the addition of InComm Payments’ OTC Network Product will be a great option for our merchants.”

InComm Healthcare currently serves millions of health plan members through its OTC Network Product Suite, which features supplemental benefit and wellness incentive cards that effectively attract, engage and retain health plan members while driving them to adopt healthier behaviors. With a range of product catalogs to choose from, plans can customize their benefits and rewards to their specific consumer base.

For more information about InComm Healthcare’s product suite, click here.


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Novo Dia Group, Inc. (NDG) are the experts in developing and delivering mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) and software payment solutions for electronic delivery and processing of government electronic benefit transfer (EBT) payments. The company’s mission is to provide the most feature-rich and flexible solution in the industry that adheres to the nuanced, multilayered and complex regulatory and legislative environment of EBT payments. NDG offers the only stand- alone solution that can serve as an EBT-only, stand-beside solution or as a multi-tender, fully integrated solution—all on one device. Based in Austin, TX, NDG has participated in more than 100 government payment programs in all fifty states.

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