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Novo Dia Group Expands Merchant Flexibility by Becoming an EBT Third-Party Processor for SNAP and WIC Transactions

User-friendly POS solutions for EBT payments now available as EBT-only or integrated multi-tender solution

Note to readers: Mobile Market+ was rebranded to TotilPay in February 2020. 


AUSTIN, Tex., September 11, 2019 – Novo Dia Group (NDG), developers of point-of-sale (POS) solutions that allow merchantsto accept EBT and other payments with minimal friction, announced it has completed the necessary certifications to become an EBT Third Party Processor for SNAP and WIC. NDG will now be able to offer the user-friendly and intuitive Mobile Market+ solutions, available on smartphones and tablets, to merchants, state agencies, and other groups that purchase or facilitate the use of EBT equipment.

This will allow the company to bring its Mobile Market+ Register, a tablet-based cash register solution, nationwide to small- and medium-sized SNAP and WIC-authorized grocery and convenience stores that process EBT.

State agencies can now refer merchants to NDG for an EBT-only solution rather than the legacy terminals currently offered, which have limited features and lack the ability to accommodate ongoing changes in state and federal EBT requirements. Processors will be able to future-proof their POS terminal with a solution that will support the latest industry advancements as well as any upcoming regulatory requirements.

“As technology and retail payments experts, our focus is to make it easy for merchants to accept SNAP and WIC with minimal friction,” said Josh Wiles, CEO of Novo Dia Group. “By expanding beyond a solutions provider, we now offer merchants the flexibility that comes with processing EBT paymentswith NDG’s compliant, feature-rich and affordable POS solutions.”

NDG has been offering its Mobile Market+ products to farmers’ markets and mobile businesses that accept EBT payments for nearly a decade, which is used today by thousands of merchants across all fifty states. Mobile Market+ can be customized to each individual merchant’s specific needs, including the ability to accept credit, debit, SNAP and WIC cards with no hardware add-ons. The solution, including a cloud-based portal, is certifiedby the USDAand provides robust, on-demand reporting. It eliminates the need for multiple POS terminals and saves valuable counter space.

“Government benefit payments are big business for local and independent merchants that accept EBT, and they should have access to a modern, reliable, inexpensive POS solution to process these payments. This enhancement brings significant upgrades to the EBT POS market and the positive effects will be felt immediately by merchants who adopt Mobile Market+,” said Wiles.

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About Mobile Market+

Mobile Market+ was developed so merchants can quickly and efficiently process government benefit payments as quickly and easily as other tender types. It is the only all-in-one electronic benefit transfer (EBT) acceptance solution – available as a stand-alone and integrated solution – that accepts all payment types, reduces counter clutter and does away with the need for multiple point-of-sale (POS) terminals, all while ensuring programmatic compliance, now and in the future. Used by merchants and retailers nationwide, Mobile Market+ is a user-friendly POS solution for EBT payments that can accept SNAP and WIC on the same device.

About Novo Dia Group, Inc.

Novo Dia Group, Inc. (NDG) are the experts in developing and delivering mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) and software payment solutions for electronic delivery and processing of government electronic benefit transfer (EBT) payments. The company’s mission is to provide the most feature-rich and flexible solution in the industry that adheres to the nuanced, multilayered and complex regulatory and legislative environment of EBT payments and acceptance. NDG offers the only stand-alone solution connected directly to the FIS EBT gateway and a multi-tender EBT solution that streamlines and simplifies POS, ensuring compliant, accurate transactions – automatically matching program-eligible items with the best payment method – all on one device. Based in Austin, TX, NDG has participated in more than 100 government payment programs in all fifty states. For more information, please visit

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