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Novo Dia Group Announces Mobile Market+ Summer Special

Novo Dia Group is proud to offer the following for use in setting up farmers markets with mobile EBT technology for SNAP/WIC/Cash EBT/Debit/Credit transactions.

  • iPhone 4 8gb (data only) Verizon Phone (Includes 5gb monthly data plan)
  • iAPS Model DS247-iAPS-C reader (Includes integrated printer and mag stripe reader)
  • Includes full reporting suite and access for Retailer to
  • GPS location for transaction monitoring
  • Print, email, or text receipts or reports
  • Ability to suspend service in off-season (Off season up to 6 mo./year monthly cost $27.00/mo.)
  • No additional hidden fees
  • 2-Year minimum contract required
  • Data overage and early termination charges apply

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Mobile Market + available in my state:

Mobile Market + is currently available in several states including Michigan, Massachusetts, and Texas (EBT WIC only.) We are adding more states every day so if you don’t see your state listed contact us directly to see when it will be available.

Can I “Turn Off” my service during my off-season?

Yes we allow you to turn off you service during the off season.

How Do I find out if I qualify for a USDA grant for wireless equipment?

Please contact your state EBT coordinator.

Where can I get more info on becoming a USDA certified market?

More information is available here