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Novo Dia Group Announces Integration for Square Sellers, Debuts TotilPay POS Apps

TotilPay rebrands from Mobile Market+ and adds Square accounts to its application, giving merchants a new way to accept credit cards alongside EBT


AUSTIN, Texas — March 10, 2020: Novo Dia Group (NDG), developers of point-of-sale (POS) solutions that accept electronic benefit transfer (EBT) and other payments with minimal friction, today announced its integration with Square and enhancement of its flagship POS solution, Mobile Market+, now called TotilPay.

With the integration, EBT-authorized Square merchants can leverage their existing merchant account and card reader to seamlessly accept credit cards and EBT, including SNAP and WIC, through TotilPay. Merchants already using TotilPay to accept SNAP and WIC can now link to Square to process credit cards and benefit from many of the additional services Square offers, including payment processing, next-day settlement, and affordable and transparent rates and fees.

TotilPay is the only all-in-one EBT solution that accepts all payment types on the same device. TotilPay Register, for convenience stores, bodegas and grocery stores, replaces every legacy terminal on the counter with one, affordable system. TotilPay Go allows farmers markets and other mobile vendors to reliably accept EBT and all payment types using a single intuitive and simple app.

“TotilPay has helped thousands of small merchants and mobile businesses accept all forms of payment with minimal friction at POS,” said Josh Wiles, founder and president of NDG. “Through our integration with Square, and the introduction of TotilPay users can now use one app to access more features and flexibility than ever to improve cost, efficiency and customer experience.”

In January 2019, Square Inc. invested $2 million in NDG to provide capital for TotilPay’s continued expansion. Today, TotilPay is the only mPOS application certified for SNAP and WIC acceptance by the USDA and the only POS suite built specifically to enable seamless EBT transactions for every merchant type. TotilPay was also recently approved to process the new electronic WIC card in California and several other states.

The enhancement of the all-in-one EBT acceptance solution to include more choice of processors and integration partners are revealed in TotilPay’s new brand and logo. The latest emblem, typeface and color scheme are representative of TotilPay’s core features—a simple, comprehensive and tech-forward solution.

“TotilPay’s new brand identity marks our ongoing commitment to expand and enhance this feature-rich and flexible solution,” added Wiles.

In addition to a new brand identity, NDG launched, enabling all types of mobile and store-based merchants to easily determine which TotilPay solution best fits their business needs.

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About TotilPay 

TotilPay is the only fully compliant all-in-one electronic benefit transfer (EBT) solution—available as a stand-alone and integrated solution—that accepts all payment types, including SNAP and WIC, on the same device.  Merchants and mobile vendors can quickly and efficiently process government benefit payments as easily as other tender types without the need for multiple point-of-sale (POS) terminals. For more, visit


About Novo Dia Group, Inc.

Novo Dia Group, Inc. (NDG) are the experts in developing and delivering mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) and software payment solutions for electronic delivery and processing of government electronic benefit transfer (EBT) payments. The company’s mission is to provide the most feature-rich and flexible solution in the industry that adheres to the nuanced, multilayered and complex regulatory and legislative environment of EBT payments. NDG offers the only stand-alone solution that can serve as an EBT-only, standbeside solution or as a multi-tender, fully integrated solution—all on one device. Based in Austin, TX, NDG has participated in more than 100 government payment programs in all fifty states. For more information, please visit


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